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Pear Harbor loses some ships Pearl Harbor Well, if you're looking for big, stupid fun, this is probably a decent place to find it. Just make sure to skip the entire first 90 minutes. The main emotion showed by the three leads is annoyance at the interruption of their trite love triangle by, y'know, World War Two. The Japanese preparations are interesting, despite constant kobe drumming, and the actual attack is good if you like things that blow up. More...
Shrek Shrek This is a fantastically hilarious movie, and not just for kids. The Girl attended a screening with kids and parents and was frequently that voice you hear guffawing off in the crowd. The animation is pretty amazing, but the fairy-tale send-ups and digs at Disney are the real attraction. More...
Evelyn and friend The Mummy Returns And how. This is true big stupid fun in the best sense of the words. A fantastic Saturday matinee. It probably helps to have seen the first Mummy movie, but it's not particularly necessary. It comes off as a good episode in a swashbucking serial, despite the presence of the dreaded bowl-headed precocious kid. More...

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