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The Girl
Mike, corporate wage-slave by day, gamer, kung fu movie enthusiast, and Lego-maniac by night. Beer Trek, the best drinking game in the known universe is his personal creation.
Josh, The Designated Girl's designated boy, is a dot-com wage-slave by day, a film buff by night, and a Macintosh Evangelist at all times.
Ian, ditto corporate code-monkey by day, absolute and total gamer by night. Oh, OK, by day, too.
Seth, paralegal by day, recently voted "DM Most Likely to Fuck Up Your Hard-Won Henchmen" by night. That all-nighter practice he picked up in law school is really coming in handy now.
Bob, Philip Morris flunky (we forgive him) by day, recently voted "Player Most Likely to Try Moving Retroactively." Also one of the last remaining nice single men.
The Designated Girls
Denise, social worker, therapist, and recently voted "Most Likely to Play Counsellor Troi in Our Star Trek Episode." She is capable of sleeping through an entire round of Mario Party taking place in her bedroom! That's talent, ladies and gentlemen.
Jenny, Lego-maniac and crafty-geek girl, arts and crafts designer type, maker of fine soaps and tolerator of a great deal of nonsense from the rest of us.
Lisa, IBM manager and host of Games Night. Also TheGirl's running partner and regular at Tinto's.
Jodi, Samba De Amigo Queen, photographer and Art Director type. She's a type-geek and can kern you faster than you can blink
Who's in YOUR Geek Posse? Send us mail and tell us about 'em. I can't promise to link to all of them, but . . . . Meanwhile, just for kicks, check out The Girl's own Geek Posse (left).

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