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There are plenty of other Designated Girls out there, women who buck the trend and do whatever the hell they're good at. These are some of them. Feel free to nominate someone you know, or know of, so we can all admire them.

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The Girl
Gale Ann Hurd, Producer
She is best known for being the producer, with James Cameron, of such classics as Aliens, and The Terminator. After a nasty divorce from the self-proclaimed "King of the World" she went on to produce Strange Days and the recent Virus. The Girl isn't quite sure if Gale brings that big-ass gun from Aliens to pitch meetings, but whatever she does, it's working.
Buffy Summers, fictional character
Buffy has the Scoobies, a semi-Geek Posse. It's about the only co-ed Geek Posse in fiction these days, and it's led by its Designated Girl, but now that Cordelia's not hanging with them, where else are they going to go for advice on the new MAC lipstick or why girls do the things they do? Oh, and while The Girl's at it, kudos to Tara.
Lucinda Williams, Rocker
For a strong, smart, sexy singer, look no further. Her voice says she's been around a while and her lyrics say she's still figuring out what it all means. Car Wheels on a Gravel Road is not to be missed.
Trinity, fictional character
She's definitely one of the baddest-asses to come along in film in a while. She's competent, loyal and strong. She gets the job done. And she's doing it with guys who aren't intimidated by that, a rarity indeed (yeah, yeah, it's fiction--but it's a fiction we can aspire to).
Hillary Clinton, Senator
If there were ever a woman feeling her way through a job and getting crapped on no matter which choice she makes, Hillary is that woman. The Girl thinks we can all relate to that in some ways--and she just keeps on coming; learning, and succeeding in spite of everything.
Judith Regan, Publisher
She's a stone-cold bitch, but man does she have the publishing industry's big guys by the balls. She puts out the books she wants, when she wants, and they have this habit of ending up on the bestseller lists. No real Geek Posse, and she's way too styled to be a true DG, but we gotta give her props anyway.

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