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The Girl

Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi.

The Big Three. Sure, the Ewoks make Jedi kinda sucky, but for pure life-changing effect, this is top of The Girl's list. If you see a girl in line for the first showing of Episode One: The Phantom Menace, there's a good bet she's a Designated Girl, and she's there with her Posse.

Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien Resurrection

To be picky, only Alien and Aliens are really Classics, but that's because Alien3 blew, and The Girl is NOT a fan of Winona Ryder, so that excludes Alien4 from making the list. But just about anything Sigourney Weaver does is worth watching, so she'll admit it had its moments.

Tank Girl

A Girl and her tank. After five different people told The Girl (who hadn't read the comix) "Go see this. I think you'd like it," The Girl took the advice and went with a former Geek Posse member (he has long since disappeared into the wilds of the corporate life). He hated it. She loved it, along with the three other people in the theater that were actually laughing. She's even read the comix now.


There can be only one--and this is it. Just try to forget they ever made sequels to it. The Girl was appalled to have blown $7.50 on Highlander 3, having been wisely warned off #2. But in Highlander watch for the trick segues, listen to the soundtrack, enjoy the swordplay, and wait for the Kurgan to say "Mom."

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